Jake Peavy vs. Aaron Harang.

Harang is the only pitcher this team has in the rotation that has been mildly acceptable. Let’s hope he’s okay tonight, as the Reds face Peavy, a pitcher whom I like very much.

Use this thread to discuss the game if you wish. At least a few of the Redleg Nation regulars should be around to discuss it tonight.

UPDATE: If you’re scoring at home, note that two Reds were added to the disabled list today: Wily Mo Pena (strained quad) and Ben Weber (broken ERA). Todd Coffey was recalled, and 2B William Bergolla was also brought up to the big club. I’m looking forward to seeing Bergolla play.

7 Responses

  1. Chad

    Rich Aurilia is starting ahead of Austin Kearns again. Sheesh.

    On a brighter note, Felipe! got a hit in his first time up, then Junior drove him home with a hard-hit double off the wall. Nice.

  2. Tyler

    Jr is killing the ball. So is Lopez. Mr. Aurilia meet the mendoza line. He will be under it soo. No more opportunities to play any position.

  3. Eric

    I saw the same lineup as last night and got angry. Why does Miley wait for Austin to start hitting the ball well (HR’s in 2 consecutive games) and then bench him?

    Bullpen trying to blow it again. Graves in, bases juiced.

  4. Heath

    We might want to take a little time out for that Ryan Wagner for closer bandwagon.

    Of course, 1-2 fastball clocked slower than my ’98 Buick can get clubbed pretty good.

    Ok, I’m not one the “bandwagoners”, but Mr. Lopez has proven to me he needs to play evry day, scoot over on the wagon everyone.

  5. Tyler

    I still think Wagner is our best pitcher out of the bullpen.

    I think every Reds fan is on the Lopez bandwagon. Except the one who counts.
    Mr. Miley, please play him at SS everyday.

  6. Heath

    I’m thinking – and this is my thought only – Mr. O’Brien might be over his head a little bit.

    He said something to Lance McAlister on 1360 Homer (980 Homer in Dayton) that really kinda made me wonder about his thinking process. He said that Miley makes all the personnel decisions. Yet, its O’Brien’s choices for signing guys. That seems contradicting.

    Oh btw -I’ve called the KY State Troopers. I’ve got an APB for an MIA with the last name of Kearns.

    One other quick item – Jim Bowden called Felipe Lopez a can’t miss project. My thought was always that Felipe was a can’t miss project too. I can’t wait to miss him.

    I’m tasting grilled crow now…mmm..tasty.