I’m going to bed. This team is infuriating.

4 Responses

  1. Tyler

    I can’t sleep. I’m too worked up.

  2. Brian Erts

    still 80% of the season left, they aren’t the 76 Reds or the 62 Mets.

    It can only get better or at least more absurd.

  3. Eric

    This team is a lot better than this. I believe that to be true. The question is will they start playing to their potential before it’s too late to even slavage a .500 record?

    Hopefully Aurilia’s 0 or 6 last night and couple of bad plays in the field will convince MIley to keep him out of the lineup.

  4. Heath

    Brian Erts – you have the magic at your fingertips – please reference this 2005 Reds Club against the 1986 Reds…sorta the same situation – new veteran pitching with Denny & Gullickson, some new faces with an older vet 3b in Buddy Bell, aging superstar in the OF in Dave Parker, etc.

    Thanks in advance.