Please, someone, put him out of my misery. I’m so tired of Danny Graves. Take another look at some of his quotes:

“It was embarrassing that our hometown fans are booing us. Embarrassing to the city. This is supposed to be such a great baseball city, and in all my years here, I believe it is.”
–Reds closer Danny Graves, on being booed by hometown fans after he and David Weathers coughed up seven runs in the ninth inning in a loss to St. Louis last week (Cincinnati Enquirer)

“Do they honestly believe I tried to give up a three-run homer to [Jim] Edmonds? And a two-run homer to [John] Mabry?”

“They have every right to cheer or boo, do whatever they want. But as a player, I believe our hometown fans should be behind us and not against us. When Sean Casey misses a ground ball, you’re going to boo Sean Casey, the nicest guy in baseball? Plays harder than anybody on this team? That’s what I don’t understand.”

“Because I make a lot of money, I have to be perfect? Is Bill Gates perfect? Donald Trump? I’ve [converted] eight out of nine [save opportunities]. Does that mean I’m not earning my keep? Eight out of nine is pretty good.”
–Graves, wanting fans to focus on his save record instead of his 9:3 BB/K ratio


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  1. Tyler

    Graves is dead to me.

    On a side note, the lineup is the same as last nights. No kearns, which is really getting on my nerves. He hits an Hr in two straight games, looks like he might be finding his groove, and what does he find. Inconsistent PT. Even with WMP hurt. This is getting old.