Here’s a game thread to discuss tonight’s titanic struggle.

Good news: Felipe! is in the lineup.

Bad news: So is Aurilia.

7 Responses

  1. Tyler

    I would rather see kearns out in right, but Freel just made an unbeliveable catch that probably saved a triple.

    That was awesome.

  2. Eric

    And a Milton HR! Hitting, not pitvhing this time!

    How about that?

  3. Chad

    Milton gives up a grand slam.

    Then Junior gets hit on the first pitch after hitting a homer. I hope Dunn takes this punk Weaver deep.

  4. Heath

    Jason Phillips hit a ball that would have been out in only one other ballpark – that being Philly’s. Brian Erts might have the stats on his fingertips – I think Phillips has always hit Cincinnati pitching well.

    Ricky Stone – the gun’s not showing up on ESPN – i’m guessing its not much faster than Milton.

    Unless FOX really wants to show an afternoon game – this might be the last time the Reds are on the national game. Unless ESPN wants to show a Reds game from Fenway.

  5. Heath

    BTW – Atlanta 16, Houston 0 … Pitsburgh 16, Arizona 2… I guess the National League switched places with some local softball league this weekend.

  6. Tyler

    We have the worst pitching in MLB. Webber can’t get anyone out. Stone is not very good. We just sent down Valentine. Can we just clone Wagner and pitch a new Wagner every inning. We will just use him. No one else.

  7. Tyler

    Take a look at the ERA of our pitchers tonight in the box score:
    Milton: 6.18
    Stone: 8.10
    Webber: 8.03

    On a side note Lopez is killing the ball. No reason not to play him. Unless they want to keep playing Aurillia just to make sure he doesn’t get a hit, and to make sure he will strike-out with the bases loaded. But he did feel bad about it. He threw his bat afterwards.