Here’s a game thread to discuss the game. I’m already concerned, however. Paul Wilson has thrown five pitches, and he’s hit a batter, and given up a homer and a single.

Not a good start.

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  1. Chad

    Eight batters, seven runs, and Wilson is headed for the showers without retiring a single batter.

    This team is sinking like nothing I’ve seen before.

  2. Brian Erts

    BTW the Record for runs vs the Reds in the 1st inning is held by the Dodgers (14) vs the Reds in 1952, two years later they AGAIN scored 12 against the Reds in the 1st after TWO outs.

    The Reds scored 14 against the Astros in the first inning in August of 1989.

  3. Heath

    Chris, if you quit – are you looking for some lovely paring gifts?

    If you want to quit on this franchise, you would have done it a long time ago.

    Hey, three winners in the Kroger – Big Payoff inning tonight – then a comment of Ashley Brennaman’s graduation with a side bar quote of “Lord knows when I’m coming to work tomorrow” by Marty. He’s got to be thinking 1982 all over again.

    Oh this rate we’ll be seeing a 5-4-3 DP turned by Encarnacion, Bergolla, & Dunn sooner than later. Hope no one was banking on those Louisville Bats International League Playoff tickets….