As someone on the Reds Listserv put it, the Reds were rearranging deck chairs on the Redstanic today.

Here’s the story on the Reds roster moves today. Ricky Stone was called up, while Joe Valentine was sent to AAA. Yeah, send a young arm down and keep David Weathers on the roster. (Okay, Valentine has been really, really bad, so I’m not going to argue that he shouldn’t have been sent out.)

Anyway, no word on whether Felipe Lopez is any closer to joining the starting lineup. Free Felipe Lopez!!!

Joe Valentine’s demotion means one good thing. We won’t be forced to look at this picture for a while:

That look in his eyes gives me nightmares every time.

2 Responses

  1. Heath

    It’s got to be posted somewhere –

    THE STREAK (for now) IS OVER!

    BTW – I worked all afternoon – I didn’t even catch a pitch. We didn’t even have a blogspace to discuss the day’s game!

    Gosh, this was needed! – who cares how ugly – nice to see Mr. Jimenez & Mr. Kearns making contact.

  2. Heath

    Also – another opportunity to check out Joe ‘Beelzebub’ Valentine……