Free Felipe Lopez!!!

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  1. Malott

    he is a proven veteran….you don’t cut club house leaders or proven veterans….jeez don’t you guys read the paper.

  2. Eric

    At this point, it’s time to cut bait with Aurilia and Jimenez as starters. Freel and Lopez need to start every day. Time to get all three young OFs consistent playing time as well.

    I love Casey, but he has to go to make room.

  3. Tyler

    We don’t have to cut Aurillia. Luis Lopez will not be better than him. But he shouldn’t play. Ever. Make him a pinch hitter.

  4. Brian Erts

    The Reds don’t need RA on the field, if they go Freel/Lopez in the MI the best BU would be a gloveman.

    Time to change the makeup of the team, start with MI and make Wagner the closer over Graves, make the other sweat in the ninth, not celebrate. If you flip casey yu can keep Pena and not sell low on Kearns, move Griffey to 1st and hope for Mantle 1966.

    Shed the team of 1999 “guys” and move forward, first tema that asks for Wilson or Milton sell.

    Keep the OF offense, power arms in the BP and acouple of glove men to tighten up the defense.

    Better defense, more strikeouts would help the staffs ERA.

  5. Heath

    I wouldn’t be surprised by any stretch of the imagination that the Redlegs start September of an infield of Adam Dunn at 1b, a Ryan Freel/William Bergolla at 2b double-headed monster, Felipe Lopez at SS, and Edwin Encarnacion at 3B. Outfield would be Pena, Griffey, & Kearns from Left-Right.

    Don’t be shocked if that gives a really nice beginning to 2006.

    I like Randa, I like Casey, I like Milton (as long as he pitches like he did Monday -shudder- ) but I can see the Reds really getting some prospects out of those two or three people.

    Or, for some odd reason, the team does pull a 20-9 May followed by a 21-8 June – we might be thinking the opposite.

  6. Heath

    Also – just a friendly reminder – I think there was a reason they traded for Anderson Machado.

    Also – not to pile on Felipe – Miley saw that baserunning blunder Wednesday night as well as me and the 17,000+(announced) of closest friends & family.

  7. Tyler

    I think thats what they have to do. Encarnacion is the future, so is Lopez, and Freel is the near future. The lineup I would like to see by sept. is

    Freel 2B
    Griffey 1B
    Pena CF
    Dunn LF
    Kearns RF
    Encarnacion 3B
    Larue C
    Lopez SS

    That is a stacked middle of the lineup.
    Much better than Randa batting cleanup.

    Hopefully Homer Bailey and Richie Gardner pan out long term. I think Bailey has a chance to be something real special.

    The future is now and if things don’t turn around soon, we need to start playing our young guys and look to to next year.

  8. Brian Erts


    Muldar has a great move and it is almost a balk move. I don’t behoove a baserunning blunder against a guy who GETS on base.

    Pete Rose stole 7 bases and got caught 10 times in 1969. can’t do much worse than that.

  9. Heath

    that’s what my dad said this morning about Mulder’s move – the MLB extra innings had the Cards feed – they obviously were not upset.

    I know this is the Free Felipe Lopez thread – and bash Rich Aurilia is the hobby here – but I’m not convinced Felipe is the answer – If Mr. Aurilia keeps dropping his average into the interstate numbers, then Lopez needs to start.

  10. Brian Erts

    Problem is if RA had the range I wouldn’t care what he hit all that much, it’s the double whammy of not getting to balls and the low OB% that kills me, mostly to avoid the assumed throwing error. NO k’s on this staff, somebody has to pick it, currently the Reds are converting the lowest amount of balls hit into outs in the league. That’s murder.

  11. Heath

    I mentioned something earlier – that I think would have been an interesting situation – that would have been a healthy Anderson Machado.

    No injury to Machado means no signing Rich Aurilia means Felipe Lopez is the starting SS. And rejoices!

    Rich Aurilia was added, in my opinion, to give some leadership and stability. Joe Randa was added to give Edwin Encarnacion a year to provide horrors to AAA pitching. I’m still not sure of David Weathers and Ben Weber except for the purposes of cheap yet experienced.

    I know Felipe has had some success…but I’m not sure of his potential – hang on folks – we probably will see it soon.

  12. Tyler

    Let me clarify a little. I don’t think Jiminez or Freel is the long term answer, but given a choice, I choose Freel.

  13. Heath

    I think every team at some point this spring had the choice of having a younger player outperform a veteran, yet the veteran plays.

    It seems like the Yankees do it every year.