Tonight’s game starts at 7:10, with Brandon Claussen pitching. Can he stop the Reds slide? Can he slow down the Cardinal steamroller?

The questions are endless. Feel free to debate them in this comments section.

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  1. Chad

    So Miley gives Junior a night off. Does he take the opportunity to get Wily Mo Pena’s big bat in the lineup?

    Nope. Ryan Freel.

    Look, I like Freel as much as the next guy, but when the choice is between Freel and Pena…well, there’s no choice there.

    I’m really starting to wonder about Dave Miley.

  2. Chad

    Goodness, Rich Aurilia has NO range. A ball was hit almost right at him, and he couldn’t get to it.

    Why didn’t we just re-sign Larkin, anyway?

  3. Brian Erts

    Pena still has a tight quad.

    Common Reds move is to downplay injury to the public, they tend to ride a guy on the pine to see how fast he’ll heal. If they carried less pitchers then it wouldn’t matter as much. But those days are gone currently.

  4. Eric

    How depressing is it when the other team scores one run and you’re convinced “here we go again.”


    Would be nice to have Wily Mo back.

  5. Chad

    Yeah, they just mentioned something about Pena.

    At this point, how long has he been out? Why not bring up Smitherman or someone to sit on the bench? They could have put Pena on the DL long ago.

    I agree with the point about the pitchers, though. I see no reason at all to carry that many pitchers. Poor roster management, IMO.

  6. Brian Erts

    The extra pitchers provide them the ability to not make a roster move IIRC, that’s why Miley probably likes Freel and Lopez on the bench at the start of the game, it allows him more flexibility in the later innings. But also provides him with other probles, Aurilia’s lack of Range, Jimenez’s slump, low OB%.

    It’s the tiger behind the door, Miley is afraid to open up another door.

  7. Eric

    My guess is that Wily Mo could probably play if he had to, but they’re just giving him all of the extra time off because they can afford to.

    Just my guess, though.

    And I was thinking the same thing about Wily Mo as a pinch hitter last night. One swing would have done it, but I didn’t completely disagree with putting Randa up there. He’s been hitting decently this year and did hit the ball that Edmonds cought well.

    *sigh* Rolen homer. Down 3-0. We’re done for today.

  8. hockeyboy63128

    ‘im gessing this isn’t a cards site? or is it?:oops::evil::twisted::?::sad::!::mad::lol:

  9. hockeyboy63128

    :twisted:yuor losing ha ha ha ha

  10. Chad

    Are you sure we can afford to sit Wily Mo?

    What have the Reds lost, like 14 games in a row now? I’d like to have my best hitters in the game, if it’s possible.

  11. Chad

    Typical discourse from a Cards fan.

    I started to delete those comments, but it’s always fun to look at the morons that follow other teams. 🙂

  12. hockeyboy63128

    puf 👿 i just went to a wrong web site

  13. Chad

    Is Kevin Jarvis really warming up? Sweet! I had no idea he was still kicking around.

    Seems like an eternity since he was a Red.

  14. Eric

    If Wily Mo is not 100%, I think we can afford to sit him. Sure, I would rather have him in the lineup, but if he’s not completely healthy, I’d rather have Kearns in there.

  15. Chad

    Yeah, but Freel’s in there for him tonight. I’d rather have a hurt Wily Mo in there.

  16. Chad

    Danny Graves coming in to a smattering of boos.

    The team’s closer comes in the game with the team down 7-0. He’s rotten.

  17. Heath

    Just landed back home from Section 435 tonight – me and my buddy had almost an entire section to ourselves.

    Nice section – these are new season tickets for me – I got the scoreboard in front of me – I also get the wind from the notch blowing in…it was cold up there today.

    Might have to do a play-by-play of the game later from being there – got kids and a wife to tuck in.

  18. Heath

    View from Section 435

    Nice drive down from Dayton – no traffic -pulled into Lot B near the Central Garage-no trouble off the Freeman Ave – I-75 exit.

    Walked with what I thought was a pretty good crowd in a sea of Red. Lot of people in the Ticket lines, lots a laughing and carrying on.

    Took the elevator up to the 400 level – Redleg Ale was gone – replaced by Christian Morelien. Gosh, I guess the Hudy Gold tap was lost in the move from Cinergy/Riverfront.

    No problem grabbing a Molsen Canadian from the beer lady in front of sec. 428-429.

    Then concession civilization as we knew it ended…and I still had to walk past 3 closed off concessions and 6 sections.

    Nice view of the river, scoreboard, Reds bullpen, most of the moon deck (Never have sat there yet – might spend money on a set to just say I was there)

    Sat down with the Molsen and a brat with kraut – and thought I was at a funeral. It was as quiet as 17,000+ could have been. A wierd eerie silence.

    Not much to really cheer – fans were on edge with booing – esp.with Brandon Claussen throwing 85 MPH fastballs.

    (Opinion inserted here – Has it come to the point that the Reds best starter might be Aaron Harang?)

    Brat was good, beer was cold, and the peanuts were salty – scoreboard watching was fun especially Tampa Bay piling up on the Yanks, the Padres 12 inning squeaker, and the Cowboys with the 16-7 win over the Raiders.

    I missed Dunn’s homerun….I had an hour & 15 minutes to drive home – and I HAD to listen to Marty’s analysis.

    Overall, I have 8 more seats this year – (I split a 20 game pack with someone) Nice seats with a view – too bad the team isn’t going right.

    One other wierd note – Our usher (we had our own – we were the only ones in the section) said he went to a Louisville game and said that the Bats are drawing anyone – can anyone confirm this? He also said that they are looking around for a different place for the Reds AAA team? Anyone? (Boy, wishful thinking hopes its Dayton. The Dragons and the fans deserve more for the sell-outs than tandem pitching and losing players)

    In other news – In the “you must be a masochist for baseball” category – I got my Pirates/Reds tickets for Sept. 16 in Pittsburgh in the mail today – figured I’d go to PNC this year – have never seen it before.

    I’ve rambled enough…..