Sorry for the delay in getting this posted. Here’s Part Five of the aforementioned Reds Bloggers Roundtable discussion. Parts One through Four can be found here.

I am continually impressed with the Reds blogosphere.

Joel: Chad, here is a quick recap of what you missed… Reds – sucky. Aurilia – really sucky. Dunn – needs LTC. Reds pitching – needs CPR. Griffey homered…no wait, it hit the yellow line…no, it’s a home run. Did I miss anything?
sweaver: Yeah, Joel, that about sums up tonight
Chad RN: Agree with all of that…especially the Dunn needs LTC part
Blade: Excellent summary
Chad RN: Has anyone changed their opinion on Joe Randa over the last month?
sweaver: Nope. Generic ballplayer…serviceable, nothing to get excited about. At least Randa is better than Aurilia.
JD Arney: Nah, same as it ever was.
Blade: I knew Randa would cool down.
Joel: Yeah, I’ve changed my opinion that the fans will forget about him after the season. Many fans will always remember that first week and wonder why the Reds didn’t keep him, especially when EdE struggles next year.
Chad RN: I think I’ve softened on him, and not because of his good two weeks. As long as the Reds see him as a stopgap, I don’t have a problem with him anymore…his signing was unnecessary, but not disastrous.
Joel: I think he was the perfect stopgap, like dating a rebound girl who is not hot, but good enough to be seen out in public with. She’ll get you by until the next girl comes around.
sweaver: Assuming no miracle comeback, Randa could get traded at the deadline to a contender. Encarnacion can play in September.
Chad RN: By the time the trading deadline rolls around, EdE might be ready.
sweaver: His bat is ready now, but he needs some fielding reps.
JD Arney: I think he’s ready now.
Chad RN: Encarnacion is hitting very well in AAA, but his glove is ugly.
JD Arney: Lots of errors, but he supposedly has great range.
Chad RN: Can’t have less range than the left side of our current infield…
Joel: Uh oh, good range but lots of errors, that sounds like Felipe Lopez! He’ll never make it in the big leagues.

EDITORIAL NOTE: The following question was asked with the Reds leading before the ninth inning of Monday’s game.

Joel: Knowing what you know now, what is your prediction on the rest of the season. Give me the team’s record, team ERA, and HRs allowed vs HR Hit.
sweaver: Geez, I still say the team gets to .500. 83 wins, 4.75 ERA (higher estimate), 200 HR hit AND allowed
Blade: I’m saying 72 wins and ERA will be 5.24.
sweaver: Blade, ever the optimist
Chad RN: I think the hitting is going to come around, which will mask the pitching a little. 79 wins.
JD Arney: same as my preseason prediction, something like 83-79, 5.10 ERA, 220 HR Allowed, 190 HR Hit.
Joel: 79-83, 4.95, 230 allowed, 200 hit.
Chad RN: 79-83, 5.11 ERA, 222 allowed, 210 hit
Blade: Ha, you guys all thought I was crazy in the preseason when I predicted a 5.00+ ERA. Looks like I have at least one convert.
sweaver: Currently, it’s 5.43.
JD Arney: I would have been with you.
Joel: I just can’t quit being an optimist, I guess. I think they will eventually get rid of some of the stanky relief and the starters will clean up their act a bit.
Chad RN: It’s more fun to be an optimist

EDITORIAL NOTE: This is the unedited results after the Reds’ blew a 6-run lead in the ninth inning.

Chad RN: I changed my mind…69 wins for this team sounds about right
sweaver: 54, maybe.
JD Arney: Its a comedy of errors. I think they’re done. 10 wins and done. 10-154, That’ll set some sort of record I imagine…er…10-152 even.
sweaver: Hey, if it gets that bad, they’ll be lining up to schedule extra games with us!
JD Arney: Very true
Joel: If you are going to be bad, might as well be the worst ever. People will talk about your team for years to come, “Some teams sucked…but those guys were the worst ever.” Books will be written about them.
sweaver: 1899 Cleveland Spiders were 20-134. 2003 Detroit Tigers were 43-119. 1962 Mets were 40-120.
Joel: Something to shoot for.