Here’s a game thread if you want to discuss tonight’s game. I resolved not to watch it, but that’s a resolution that I’ve already broken. Oh well….

If Danny Graves comes into the game, though, I’m turning the game off.

4 Responses

  1. Chad

    Looks like slim pickings in the stands tonight. It would be a good night to pain the seats.

    People come to watch a winner. This team can’t even hold 6 run leads.

  2. Tom G

    Not to rub it in, but while watching the Phils get ahead of the Mets 10-1, and then watch Tim Worrell let the Mets nearly get within three (long story), I couldn’t help but think about Graves…

  3. Heath

    My ramblings of baseball watching last night…

    Wow – Big attendance night in Tampa. Of course, the Yankees are in town – seems that’s always a plus – anyway, nice to see the DRays start to hit. I’m really heading out on a limb here, but if they could find one more power guy to go with Aubrey Huff, the speed in the OF with Crawford, Gathwright, & Baldelli (when he gets back) would be very complementary. They still need to let Dewon Brazelton pitch in every home series.

    Two – is it me, or does Dodger Stadium seem like its in the middle of nowhere? This is the second biggest metro area in the US, and it looks like the Dodgers play in the middle of Wilmington (no disrespect to the fine, upstanding citizens of county seat of Clinton County). At least the housing projects behind right field in Yankee Stadium give the indication that there is a CITY there.

    Oh…this is a Redleg forum??? Sorry.

  4. Heath

    I’ve got tickets tonight down the first base line – I’m hoping the winds are out of the north that might be partially blocked except for the stuff coming through the notch.