This guy is clueless. Nothing is ever his fault:

The fans booed Graves as he walked off the field after his first blown save in nine chances. The Reds have blown leads of four, five, and now six runs since last Wednesday.

“It’s frustrating, but what’s even more frustrating is hearing the fans boo you in your own ballpark,” Graves said. “We’re out there trying the best we can. That’s not the first time it’s happened, and as long as I’ll be playing, it won’t be the last.”

I’m so sick and tired of Danny Graves. His act wore thin long ago. At least I won’t be forced to watch him any more as a Red!

I agree with these comments by JD over at Red Reporter.

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  1. jim

    Where is Marty when you need him? I would have loved to hear his comments from the Brewers Series and last night.

  2. Heath

    WCPO-TV Sports Guy John Popovich had a great little blurb on his blog today – here is a