Eric Milton back on the hill, Wily Mo back in the lineup. If the Reds ever needed to win two out of three in May, this series is the one.

As always, feel free to discuss the game in this thread.

5 Responses

  1. Brian Erts

    Ugly ninth innings make bad teams look even worst then they are.

    This currently is a bad pitching team.

  2. Brian B.

    You think?

    And unfortunately, Graves will only be charged with 1 ER.

  3. Brian Erts

    Can you cut hair? Or do you have a wife that the other wives might like?

    These things are important to the clubhouse mood.

  4. Heath

    Mercker did fine tonight – he’s settling in fine. One has to think that Ricky Stone might be in Cincinnati before long.

    There is going to be a mjor shakeup now that it is May. I don’t think this is going to be allowed to continue.

    Freel should be in the lineup tomorrow as well as Kearns. Felipe Lopez needs to take a dust cloth and some Lemon Pledge to the batting helmet. Its looking kind of dirty.

    Drowning my Redlegs sorrows in a load of laundry and some Vin Scully on my MLB extra innings.