I’m sick to my stomach.

Last year, I was forced to institute a personal policy of turning the television (or internet) off whenever Danny Graves entered the game. He’s easily my least favorite Red of the last five years, and it just wasn’t worth the heartache to watch him blow another game.

After tonight, I am re-instituting that policy. I resolve never to watch Danny Graves pitch for the Reds again, unless I’m in the stadium. And even then, I might go get a coney or something.

It’s just not worth it. I get mad every time he comes into a game and does his thing, and life’s too short for that. Baseball is my favorite game, but Graves has done the impossible — he takes the fun out of the game for me.

Danny Graves is dead to me.

9 Responses

  1. Heath

    David Weathers not finding home plate and the disapperence of Sean Casey’s glove fueled this loss as much as Graves self-exploding.

    I think I’m going to give the Redlegs a day off tomorrow before I head to the ball park on Wednesday. Good evening to spend with the wife and kids.

  2. Brian Erts

    Weathers was low in the zone, he walked the 8th and 9th hitter as if he was facing the heart of the order, pitching scared he failed to get outs, the Reds failed to make throws, Graves failed to produce once again.

    All and all the whole thing was painful.

  3. Tyler

    Hey, Wagner has had one bad game. He’s pitched awesome outside of that. He doesn’t deserve to be thrown under the bus with the rest of them.

  4. Heath

    Good Point Tyler – Wagner had the bad outing of a lifetime – he struggled a bit tonight – but got through. I don’t think last year he would have “laced up the straps” and dug in.

    Chad – before Graves gets in – I try to time it right – I grab some RedLeg Ale (located near section 417 across from the Skyline booth) and just sit and wait.

  5. jim

    The “Gravy Train” what a joke. This is ridiculous.

  6. tom

    As a lifetime Reds fan, born in 1936, it was just embarrassing! Another season down the drain even before Memorial Day.

  7. Heath

    I’m not putting the season in the tank yet – worse teams have been at least competitive throughout June. In my book, the season is not lost at all. Is it off to a great start – absolutely not – you don’t blow leads and expect to come from behind everytime.

    Look at it this way – we aren’t Kansas City – yet.

  8. Eric

    Honestly, these kinds of losses and losing streaks would be a lot easier to take if the Reds did just suck, and they really don’t.

    However, the “improved” bullpen isn’t looking much like it.

  9. cito

    Anyone following this on the Gamecast at mlb.com?
    Dave Williams looks as sober as John Daley on St. Patty’s in his pic.