The Enquirer has a story here, and Marc Lancaster says the Reds wasted an opportunity.

There is also this piece by John Fay that discusses the fact that Dave Miley has finally dropped Joe Randa back down in the lineup. Can someone explain to me, however, the rationale for hitting Casey third and Dunn fifth? I understand Miley’s obsession for breaking up the LH and RH hitters, but why not hit your best hitter third?

Could it be that Miley thinks Casey is his best hitter? Sheesh….

Finally…did you know that the bullpen remains terrible, even after O’Brien’s supposed “makeover” in the offseason?

3 Responses

  1. Heath

    Not like the offense really helped out any. 3 runs on the Brewer pitching staff should be a given, not a final total.

    BTW – Aurilia singled the first runner in.

    Not that it made up for his ‘error’.

  2. tom

    It’s time to go with Lopez at shortstop. Barry’s gone and Aurilia is passe.

  3. Justin

    I have to agree on the Casey vs. Dunn comment. If nothing else, the #3 hitter will probably get 30 or more at bats a year. I’d certainly prefer to have Dunn get those at bats than Casey, and I do like Sean Casey. I think Miley really has a problem with strikeouts, which probably explains his bias towards Casey. But with Dunn getting on base at a 0.400 clip, I think you have to deal with the strikeouts and get him on base in front of people who can actually drive him in. -j