An afternoon game today in Milwaukee, where the Reds attempt to get back on the winning track. Paul Wilson and his 6.00 ERA take the hill against Wes Obermueller, who is sporting a nifty 1.74 ERA. Obermueller, however, has pitched only 10.1 innings, all in relief, so we’ll be seeing his first start of the season.

Use this thread to discuss the game today. Here’s a topic for discussion: can the Reds win with Paul Wilson as one of the rotation’s top two?

UPDATE: Finally!!! After bashing one just foul, Ken Griffey, Jr., crushed a ball to deep center field for his first home run of the season.

For the better part of a week, Junior has been hitting the ball very well, so it was only a matter of time. Seemed like he was snakebit, though; how many balls has Griffey hit to the warning track over the last week?

6 Responses

  1. Chad

    It’s a good thing Freel stole second and third in the first inning, because Casey hit another grounder to the right side that would have been an easy double play.

    He’s not a #3 hitter, Miley….

  2. Chad

    I thought the first pitch that he hit foul was going to go out. I’m glad he finally got one.

  3. BCubb

    You rarely see a batter hit a homer-length foul then hit a home run in the same at-bat. Johnny Bench could it once in a while. Eric Davis, too. I’m still content to leave Griffey alone and let him find his groove. Let Jim Edmunds save baseball.

  4. Heath

    A couple of his warning track shots the past few times would have been gone in GABP IMO.

    To me, he’s not getting around as fast as he used to be. He looks timid to really dig in at the box and use his legs to drive the ball. He seems to be all arms.

    But, if you just had three of four major surgeries to your legs, you’d be timid too.

  5. Heath

    BTW – Tom – if you live out-of-market – spring for the MLB.TV (if you have cable) or the Extra Innings package. My Dad lives in NYC and he says he could watch over 150 Reds games this year. (He’s a retired school teacher – he’s allowed)