Why do we have so much trouble in Milwaukee? Seems like they always play the Reds tough.

For what it’s worth, I don’t like Bill Hall.

Any thoughts on today’s game?

5 Responses

  1. Brian Erts

    Brandon Claussen has a new nickname “The Laboror” Couldn’t hit his spots in a zone being squeezed by Winters. Really was lucky he didn’t get beaten up more.

    That said is DJ one of the most unexciting players in MLB? He seems to be moving underwater.

  2. BCubb

    The pitching wasn’t pretty, but it only gave up four runs. A winning team’s offense ought to cover that. I’m not sure how long we can wait for the hitting to come together. Dunn, Kearns, Griffey and Casey (and Pena) seem to be taking turns. Tonight it was Kearns’ night. We need them to explode together to cover the pitching.

  3. Tyler

    I didn’t see the game, was Claussen’s velocity better than last time? I commented last time that if he didn’t improve on his 87 mph fastball things wouldn’t go well for him.

  4. Heath

    will Saturday afternoons lineup have Dunn, Pena, & Kearns – left,center,& right?

  5. orangeandbrown

    I think today’s Enquirer really hits the nail on the head. To date, at least, the bullpen is not delivering the results we need, especially given that we actually worked to make that stronger this year.