Marc Lancaster has a short piece today about the fact that Randa is still in the cleanup slot, despite entering Monday one for his last 22, and three for his last 34 (left unmentioned is Randa’s career .424 SLG, and 102 career HRs in 4600+ ABs).

“He’ll be fine,” said Miley. “Hitters are going to go through some slumps; he brings a lot to the table in other ways.”

I suppose that Randa is still bringing things “to the table,” in the way of fielding (though he’s been unimpressive to me), baserunning(?), and of course, chemistry. But how in the world are those things justification for keeping him in the cleanup spot?

Maybe Randa has to bat fourth because he’s the only one who can competently come out of the on-deck circle to tell the leadoff man “slide!” or “up!” on a play at the plate. Of course, since D.P. Casey is batting third, Randa is really a “second leadoff man.”

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  1. Chad

    By the way, Lancaster is now to be referred to as:

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