Here’s a game thread for tonight. If you have any comments on the game, let’s hear them.

Junior just hit one on the nose, but it was caught with a back to the wall. You can just see him heating up more every at-bat. Let’s hope he keeps that up.


Also, after last night’s 2B Funhouse for Ryan Freel, is it any surprise that D’Angelo Jiminez is back in the lineup tonight? And D’Angelo just demonstrated some excellent baserunning to score in the first inning.

15 Responses

  1. Chad

    Big fly by Dunn, and Junior continues to heat up (three run double).

    This team is fun to watch when the big boppers are on fire.

  2. Heath

    ugh…Eric Milton flyball pitcher….

  3. Heath

    at some point – will the Reds just cut ties with a Weber/Weathers and bring up the young guys like Simpson & Keisler and let them have a shot at it…

  4. Chad

    How many balls has Junior hit to the warning track over the last three days? At least four, it seems. He’s really about to get locked in.

  5. Chad

    Casey hits into ANOTHER double play, this time ending what could have been a nice little rally. I’m really getting tired of that. 👿

  6. Chad

    Oh no. This is a close game, Miley. Why Weathers?

    Keep your fingers crossed.

  7. Chad

    Goodness, I’ve seen some bad defense but between Ryan Freel last night and the Cubs outfield tonight, I’m getting sick.

  8. jim

    Is Ryan Wagner the best we got or what?

  9. Chad

    Yes, Jim.

    Top 9, bases loaded for Casey. Please don’t hit into another double play!

  10. Chad

    Well, here we go. Danny “Thrill a minute” Graves is on the hill.

    Cross your fingers.