I was away during the game today, so I had to watch it on Tivo, and I just finished. Very disappointing game.

Highlights: a couple of knocks by Felipe Lopez, including a two run homer; double by Dunn in a PH appearance; good work by the bullpen.

Lowlights: Griffey looks simply terrible right now, though I expect he’ll get it worked out soon; Wily Mo made a terrible error, then sustained an injury (don’t know how serious yet).

All in all, the Reds blew a winnable game, and now they have to fight tomorrow to avoid a sweep at the hands of the Fish. Fortunately, former Reds BP pitcher Brian Moehler is on the hill for Florida, so the Reds should have a chance.

UPDATE: Pena says he had some stiffness in his left quadriceps:

“I just felt it tighten when I was running to first,” Pena said. “It’s not pulled or broken, but I’ll have to see how it feels tomorrow. I’m putting ice on it right now.”

Keep your fingers crossed.