From Mike, a good friend of Redleg Nation, who had the opportunity to watch last night’s game in style:

Well, I have to give my report on tonight’s game. I had the privilege of watching the game tonight from the Diamond Seats. Yeah, it was against the Pirates but man…what a way to take in a ballgame. My buddy’s company has two season tickets in the Diamond Seat section, so hopefully I’ll get to a few more.

Anyway, I first have to say…if ever you have the opportunity to sit in these, do it. Unbelievable treatment; not only is the view spectacular, but everything is included. Dinner before the game in the Diamond Room (food was good too) but everything you want food and drink wise is included. And they wait on you at your seat. That does include alcohol also…all included. Now me not being a drinker that didn’t make a bit of
difference but still…it did surprise me. Plus with the special parking, you can literally be from your car to your seat in about 2 minutes. And that’s not an exaggeration.

From my seat, I was about 6 rows up directly behind the plate. We did move over a section after about the 3rd inning because the guy next to me went about 400 lbs and well….I needed some more room! We moved closer to the on-deck circle for the Reds. From that point, you’re maybe 10 feet or so away from the Reds players. Now everyone knows that Adam Dunn is a big boy. And he is. But Wily Mo is every bit as big as he is. And solid as a rock.

Now for the game itself, Wilson looked pretty good. I didn’t see a lot of movement on his fastball, but he had excellent control. Going from memory, but I think he had 9 K’s and no walks. Yeah, it’s the Pirates but still…he seemed to be hitting his spots. I was keeping an eye on his strike to ball ratio and I don’t remember what it finished at…but it was very, very good. Like I said it was the Pirates, so just throw the damn ball up there…and he did.

Wily Mo’s two HR’s were absolute lasers. You could tell they were gone, but they were just solid BB’s. His plate discipline is getting much better too; I remember last year him going up there with what looked to be the thinking of “I’m getting one AB a week, so I’m hacking at everything”. Not so now…or at least tonight. Whoever he hit his second one against I even turned to my buddy and said he’d better not try and put that cheese past
him and wham…just a shot that never got more than 20 ft, off the ground.

Before the game in the Diamond Room, there’s a glass wall that shows the tunnel to the Reds locker room. We saw Aurilia coming out of the clubhouse and when he was walking towards us…I never even knew who he was. He’d shaved off hit goatee and mustache. I actually had to look at the back of his jersey to see who he was. I knew it was going to be a big night after that. . Two HR’s…I know some guys were just about to puke when they heard that. Sorry boys..he’s there to stay now!

Other than that, the Pirates just blow. They’re terrible. Also, Graves blows. He’s terrible. But still, it was a good time.

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  1. Heath

    All that for $250/ticket?

    I think the only way I’d be able to afford them is to:

    a-find them on the street
    b-get to know someone who has them
    or c-hope my Kroger Plus Card gets me the buy one get one free.

    I could afford a set – but something about my kids needing shoes and clothes really puts the damper on that.