Did anyone just see the opening of the FSN Ohio broadcast a minute ago? I think they’re taking cues from Redleg Nation. They took this post and ran with it.

Well, it coulda happened….

6 Responses

  1. Tyler

    WOW!!! Wily Mo is just dropping bombs.
    This guy is amazing. I don’t get the game where I live but am watching it on ESPN Realtime and he is killing the ball. HE’s awesome, no way we can trade him.

  2. Chad

    Wily Mo’s first HR was a bomb, and the second one was a line drive that barely got off the ground.

    He’s pushing Austin Kearns onto the trade block. Pena has gotten an opportunity, and he’s taking complete advantage of it.

  3. Heath

    I splurge for the extra innings package – even if I get the Reds as a regular over the air cable.

    There is something about turning on the TV..and 5 games a night pop up. Then there is Vin Scully at 10:10.

  4. Heath

    Oh, sorry I didn’t mention this earlier…Felipe Lopez might want to consider apartment shopping in the Louisville & Greater Kentuckiana area. “The Rich Aurilia Experience” is growing warm.

  5. Brian Erts

    Lopez doesn’t have to worry, Rich will be facing RH’s and non Pirates later in the year I wouldn’t be so quick to color him as the winner in anything yet.

    As for WMP, he has found a stroke that’s for sure as for pushing Austin I see it the other way, WMP is the one who’s value is going up, a bad move is selling low (Kearns) and any deal in the future is going to probably (IMO) have more WMP that Kearns talk.

  6. Heath

    Or, in a week or so, when Junior pops a hammy in the cold of Milwaukee. I hope they keep all four of them around at least the year for injuries sake.

    And, hey, power of positive thinking, everybody stays healthy.

    I just hate Peter Gammons spouting off that Casey would be traded. I just don’t see it. The guy is too much of a positive influence in the Redleg clubhouse to be cast aside.