Okay, so it’s just a game in April, but the Reds showed real resilience tonight in coming back to defeat the Fuzzy Cubbies.

Matt Belisle was terrible out of the gate, giving up four home runs early to make it a 5-1 Cubs lead. Led by Adam Dunn’s two homers, however, the Reds scratched their way back to a two run lead. Then, of course, Danny “Mr. Excitement” Graves came on to “close” it out, which he finally did but not before giving up a run and causing dozens of heart attacks all over the Tri-State area.

Did I mention that I’m tired of Danny Graves?

I love having Adam Dunn and Wily Mo Pena in the same lineup, though. Except Dave Miley, in his infinite wisdom, bats probably his two best hitters fifth and sixth in the lineup. Gotta get Joe Randa more ABs, ya know.

Oh well, it’s not a night to complain, it’s a night to celebrate.