Is there any doubt in anyone’s mind that Ryan Wagner shouldn’t be the closer on this team?

I’m getting tired of Danny Graves.

Anyway, nice win today vs. the Astros. Who woulda thunk the Reds would take this series, what with the lack of success recently against Houston? But it was a nice start by Aaron Harang; really, he only made one bad pitch. I’m starting to believe that Harang’s improvement in the second half of last season was the real thing. He’s looked impressive early on.

Lastly, Wily Mo Pena is the man. Dave Miley has to get him in the lineup more often. Today, he hit a tape-measure homerun, then hit the double in the eighth to put the Reds ahead for good. He’s also looking like the real thing, and something has to give soon. Pena has to play.

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  1. santosharmon

    The best thing about Wily Mo’s gamewinning hit was the fact it went to the opposite field.

    Ride the hot hand.