The Enquirer continues to show itself as a mouthpiece for the ballclub.

The first game that Aurilia makes any contribution at all, they feel the need to feature him in the “Reds Notebook”.

They quote Miley talking about “what he brings to (our team)” and they state how he’s played “flawlessly” in the field.

This depsite his 5-27 start, his .160 OBP, and his .240 SLG. He also was given an error Friday night on a routine grounder that Oswalt reached on, but the scorer later changed his ruling to a basehit. IMO, the error was the right call. The Enquirer makes the point that 4 of his 5 hits , including a pair of doubles have come in the past 4 starts.

The question I would ask Miley and O’Brien is, what does he have to do to lose the starting job?

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  1. santosharmon

    Aurilia clearly botched the play. It was corrected ruled an error. Very disappointing to see the scoring decision was changed later.

    Not even close to being debatable. Oswalt, while being fairly quick for a pitcher, would have been thrown out easily if the play was handled flawlessly.