Nice win today against the Astros. Eric Milton left his gopher at home and pitched a great game, followed by a dominating inning by Ryan Wagner.

Danny “Mr. Excitement” Graves tried to blow it in the ninth, but ended up grabbing a save.

Ken Griffey had two doubles, which was good to see. Up next: the rubber match tomorrow afternoon. Harang vs. Duckworth.

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  1. Brian Erts

    Listened to the Astros feed, they noted Griffey’s aprehension in “putting the speed on” they noted that it occured last week in Hosuton too. Griffey is officially Mickey Mantle 1965-1968 now. Utilized well perhaps teh Reds can get the version from 1966.

    Milton also came up with 6 swing strik ethree’s today.. a nice thing to have, shows you’re fooling the hitters and that you’re also good enough to get it by them.

    96 pitches and a 6-8 gb/fb ratio.

    Ryan Wagner 9 strike out of 11 picthes, from what I hear it was a continuation of teh nasty stuff he’s been throwing since the season starts. This is a good thing.. very good.