Not a bad outing so far for Matt Belisle, but I have a complaint.

I have the television broadcast on in the background so I can listen while I’m working. These Cardinals announcers keep talking about Anderson Machado like he’s the second coming of Barry Larkin.

What has Anderson Machado ever done to demonstrate that he’s anything other than a spare part?

UPDATE: Reds win! Reds win!

But not before David “Gas Can” Weathers and Danny “Mr. Excitement” Graves try to blow the game.

I know the Reds think their bullpen is improved, and it probably is a little better than last year’s, but it’s still very shaky. Gas Can Weathers has no business playing in Cincinnati; Dan O’Brien wasn’t around here the last time Weathers pitched (horribly) for the Reds.

Aaaahh, whatever. I’m just glad the Reds won. Now, back to Cincinnati, for another series with the Astronomicals beginning Friday night. Paul Wilson is scheduled to give up four and a half runs for Cincinnati, while Roy Oswalt attempts to run his record against the Reds to 13-0.

Let’s get back at Houston for last weekend, I say.

UPDATE: Joel has a nice recap of the game over at Reds (and Blues).

5 Responses

  1. Joel

    I agree. They have their facts totally messed up about the whole Reds’ shortstop situation. Apparently Machado didn’t play well enough during the Spring to win the position – which is true since he didn’t paly at all during the Spring because of injury.

  2. Brian Erts

    Bad compy handed to annoucers who don’t care. I blame the Cardinals information squad, shoddy work.

    Machedo is Ramon Vasquez and nothing more, a team can use those guys here and there but they don’t hang their hat on it.

  3. Brian Erts

    Loved the hook Belise had, 70% of his pitches were strikes, first 3 innings had one ball hit in the air (a HR) but lots of GB outs and k’s. Not Mo Sanford, but a nice spot start.

  4. Tyler

    I didn’t see the game because I live in Tampa, but Machado came over in the Lidle deal from Phily. That’s all you need to say. The Phillies used him as bait for Corey Lidle.

  5. Brian Erts

    As a batter I see a liilte Vasquez in his Machedo’s PECOTA projections They had Machedo at .237/.343/.355 and 53 BB Vasquez in 2003 did this .261/.342/.341 52 BB

    You’re right that Vasquez BB rate is a not as good, but it isn’t completely absmyl.