Sure, it’s early, but hitting seems to be up and strikeouts seem to be down…

The DDN seems to think this team is better than the last two editions.

2 Responses

  1. Brian Erts

    Dayton plays a pure hitters park, the last 3 years has reaped the following Park Effect numbers.

    2002 – 1039
    2003 – 1053
    2004 – 1074

    Those are pretty hitter friendly, I expect the press to latch on to the hitting is better part of it, hopefully they’ll see that it cuts both ways too.

    A hitter friendly park makes your pitchers numbers look inflated too, just in the wrong way. I know when I look at any Louisville or Chattanooga numbers that I have to remember that both of those parks play slightly in favor of the hitter.

  2. Heath

    Another sell-out year in Dayton!

    Heading down the 15 minute drive to 5/3 Field on Thursday….