Did ja Know?

Adam Dunn is the only Red in the history of the franchise to have 100 walks, 100 RBI’s, 100 Runs, 80 EBH in a season.

 			  YEAR     OPS       EBH       R       RBI      BB       AGE    

Adam Dunn                 2004     .956       80      105      102      108       24   

Drop the walks below 100 and three more Reds join him

PS                            YEAR     OPS      EBH       R       RBI      BB       AGE    
1    Ted Kluszewski           1954    1.049       80      104      141       78       29   
2    Frank Robinson           1962    1.045       92      134      136       76       26   
3    George Foster            1977    1.013       85      124      149       61       28   
4    Adam Dunn                2004     .956       80      105      102      108       24   

Now the 1954 Reds were 7 runs below league average. The 1962 Reds 35 runs better, and the 1977 Reds 55 runs better than the league. last years Reds were in the whole 41 runs vs the league average… despite the impressive season Dunn turned in.

Also Dunn clocks in at the youngest Red to achieve that feat by 2 years… the next guy is a legend in the history of the franchise and the league.

How can you not like that kind of production on your team?

It’s a once a generation type of output, and output that fits exactly into how the game is played today.

Meanwhile Albert Pujols has been cranking out 1962 Robinson seasons since he entered the league. It’s like a Roy Hobbs nightmare for opponents.

9 Responses

  1. Chad

    So why doesn’t the Cincinnati media treat him like the star that he is?

  2. Brian Erts

    Knothole perception of the game.

    Every level of baseball decreases the impact of strikeouts on the overall offense of a team.

    But when a guy walks up to the plate you hear Mr. Jones yelling in D Ball, MAKE CONTACT!!!.

    You forget the “walk is just as good as a hit” part and always hear MAKE CONTACT!!

    When you are about to cross a street at 3 am when the worlds asleep you’ll probably look both ways to make sure no cars are coming, even in the middle of the country you’ll probably do it.

    Because you hear that old saying “Look both ways” in your head.

    When Dunn steps to the plate 5/6ths of the fans watching the games scream MAKE CONTACT!! and forget everything else.

    Selective memory is a beast to harness.

  3. Brian Erts

    Extra Base hits, the Reds have only had 9 players with seasons of 75 or more EBH’s

    The Cardinals 35.

  4. santosharmon

    I think the vast majority of Reds’ fans greatly appreciate Dunn. When at GABP next visit check how many folks come hustling in from the restrooms/refreshment stands to catch his at bat. I haven’t seen anything like it since the Eric Davis days.

    I admit I am biased, as I once blasted a STL buddy of mine for his preference of Albert Pujols over Dunn. (This was their rookie season, however) I think we’ll see Dunner in Cincinnati Red for a very long time.

  5. Heath

    The thing with Adam Dunn is that he is a first baseman playing LF. Is the team better with Casey gone? Statistically, probably, Mentally? No way.

    Sometimes I think Adam thinks too much at the plate, he might be better served to “grip and rip”.

    Best case scenario – He hits 700 home runs.

    Worst case scenario – He hits like Mickey Tettleton.

  6. Jim V

    I said before last season the biggest mistake the Reds could make was not signing Dunn long-term before the season. Dunn’s breakout season was a sure thing to just about anyone who had been paying attention. Now Dunn will be very expensive. That he only wanted to negotiate a one year deal tells me he wants out after this year. I’m afraid he’s Houston bound. O’Brien had a chance to prove his worth, and he failed. Big time.

  7. santosharmon

    I think we might be reading a bit much into the one year deal, gang. Adam is a 25 year old guy, whose gets to hang with Junior and the Mayor. His best friend is Austin Kearns. He is going to be extremely well compensated wherever he plays out his career.

    I dont think he’s a break the bank for every last cent type of guy. I think he may want to play in Texas, possibly, but would put strong odds on his playing in Cincinnati for a considerable period of the next decade.

  8. Brian Erts

    If you want to compare Dunn to those 3 here are the links.

    FWIW I say that Pena and Grieve never had the power Dunn has, Cust is not as good an Athlete. None of them have the Plate Awareness that Dunn has shown at a young age. Grieve is more Phil Plantier Than he is Adam Dunn, Pena more Tom Brunasky than Dunn.