Dear Dan O’Brien:

If you are out there reading this little blog written by obsessive fans of the Cincinnati Reds, could you do me a favor? Well, actually, could you do me two favors?

First, go read this article from Sports Illustrated. Then, after you finish the article, please go immediately and sign Adam Dunn to a huge contract for many, many years. He needs to be a Cincinnati Red for at least the next decade.

As General Manager of Redleg Nation’s favorite team, you are in a unique position to ensure the success of this organization for the long term. Signing Adam Dunn to a long-term contract is a great first step in that direction.

Thank you for your attention to this matter.


Redleg Nation

3 Responses

  1. Heath

    Dear Dan O’Brien

    As Chad alluded to this in his letter, this is your opportunity to create your legacy in Cincinnati.

    Or do what I did – trade George Foster, Ken Griffey, Ray Knight, & Tom Seaver for Jim Kern, Brian Ryder, Jason Felice, Charlie Puleo, Alex Trevino, Cesar Cedeno, and several other folks that I have forgotten.

    Dick Wagner

  2. santosharmon

    You have one Red to represent you in one of those “Red River Cattle Co.” eat the 6lb steak, potato, salad, etc. contests…….

    Is there any other choice on the Reds roster other than Dunn? A 6’6″, 260 lb 25 yr old eating machine.

    Aaron Harang might be a close second, upon reflection.