Today’s Cincinnati Post has an article about Kearns tough start…and he has been pretty awful.

But the media’s favorite…Sean Casey must not be having a tough start, even though his BA is barely above Kearns and his OPS is lower.

Isn’t Casey’s bad start really more newsworthy than Kearns?

2 Responses

  1. Brian Erts

    With WMP breathing down his back (at least by some folks standards) Kearns is going to have to fight off the press and its love of creating “compition” in the press. Casey is the “mayor” and he “hits” into his outs thus the pretty factor is much brighter on him than others.

    The media has a strike out fetish, it seems that they have no love for the type of team the Reds have built, a team that isn’t BA driven or speed dependant. But looks for walks, accelerated pitch counts and slugging percentage.

    I’ll have a hard time wanting to listen to the belly aching that is likely to happen if this team finds itself on the wrong side of .500 sooner than later.

  2. Harry the Horse

    Panic in Redsland… Guys there is still 156 games left… Sean Casey hit .324 with 24 HRS and 99 RBI’s. Casey has been a proven .300 hitter his entire career. This is why he deserves the benefit of the doubt. Austin Kearns has shown flashes of promise but has not proven he will be a consistent player in the MLB. To debate the merits of Casey versus Kearns is crazy… The Reds need more table setters and less Softball free swinging beer league players (Dunn, Kearns, Griffey) Let’s hope they turn it around.