Red Reporter has started a “Bench Rich Aurilia” campaign:

Is it too early to waive Rich Aurilia?

You always see those “Free so and so” campaigns on baseball blogs (the most famous of which was probably Aaron Gleeman’s “Free Johan Santana” campaign). I’m starting a “Bench Rich Aurilia” campaign. I can’t sit idly by and let him hurt my beloved Reds any longer. I feel called to action.

The campaign kicks off today, and you can follow the progress on the left side of the screen (scroll down a bit). Let’s hope this ends well, and I appreciate your support.

Now that’s a cause that Redleg Nation can support. Rich is performing about as well as expected, with a 411 OPS. Felipe Lopez, meanwhile, got into the lineup today and collected a double.

Sure, it’s too early for statistics to mean much, but again, this is going about as expected. There’s a reason we called for Lopez to start all spring.