AP article has Jose Acevedo being traded to the Rockies for Allan Simpson.

It’s apparent that the Reds had given up on Acevedo, even though he showed a lot of promise last year in the bullpen. He had a good first start for Louisville also.

Simpson appears to be a strikeout pitcher, has been used as a reliever for most of his minor league career. He’s 27.

Here are Simpson’s numbers.

Acevedo might have been a major league starter at some point and starters are always more valuable than relievers, but my guess is this ends up being a nothing for nothing deal.

3 Responses

  1. Chad

    I think you’re right, Bill, in that we’ll likely never hear from either of these guys again.

    I always thought Acevedo held lots of promise, though, and I still think he can be a decent back of the rotation starter in the big leagues. That won’t happen in Denver, in all probability.

    It was clear that the Reds had lost faith in him (and Acevedo sped up his trip out of town by whining after being sent to Louisville). Heck, he was right that he should have been on the ML roster over David “Phil Norton 2005” Weathers, but he sure didn’t perform in the spring like he wanted a major league job.

  2. Bill

    Enquirer also notes this morning that coming into a camp that Acevedo knew he had to win a job he was overweight when he reported and ineffective when he pitched.

  3. Greg

    Yes, he has above average minor league numbers. Most of his ratios are good, but he is not that great in the k/ip ratio. Low number of walks offsets that some, but I think the bottom line is that he is just too hittable at the major league level. Can he improve? Sure. But I’d argue that he would need to make some major adjustments mentally (like whining about demotions or being flustered when someone is on base) before he would ever realize his potential He wore out his welcome with the Reds and for his attitude, he will get to pitch in Colorado and their AAA team. Neither of those parks are very friendly to pitchers, especially pitchers who can’t keep it in the park.