The Dragons are 0-2, having blown 3 run leads in the first two games.

The Dayton Daily News seems to be questioning the Reds development decisions with their pitching staff and hitters.

3 Responses

  1. Exactly Esasky

    I noticed the same in the DDN. From a player development point of view, I like the organizational approach. You can’t help but notice that none of the Reds significant prospects below AA blew out last year, unlike every year previous.

    But the DDN article implies an important point: the Dragons are a professional baseball team that plays in front of fans that is supposed to care about WINNING, not just player development. The DDN is implying that the org cares about development only, and they may have a point.

  2. Brian Erts

    The A’s don’t give their players Player of the Month awards unless they walk enough. The Reds dictated that the ML players take the 1st pitch to practice their plate awareness.

    It’s all development, the ML are the business schools and MLB are the Fortune 500 companies. Fill them up with perfromers and don’t worry about the culture of the game itself.

    Seems kinda robotic in a way, but the day of Town Ball is over, no longer can chests swell when you talk about your hometown ML team.

    I know we have the Beavers and they are as interesting as watching grass grow and get about the same coverage in the local rag…. buried beneath the Mariners stories and Trail Blazers Police Blotters.

  3. Heath

    One also may argue of the “who cares” philosophy. For the fifth year in a row, every CHAIR SEAT has been sold for the ENITRE year. Lets watch them lose 90 again this year.

    BTW – I’m one of those ticket holders.

    This is my question – I know Louisville is bigger than Dayton, but I wonder if the draw of 9000 fans every night will “promote” Dayton to the AA Eastern League or the AAA International League.

    Stupid trivia – one year the Dragons outdrew the Marlins & the Expos.