If anyone wants to discuss the game tonight, feel free to use the comments to this post. I’ll be interested in hearing your impressions of Ramon Ortiz’s first start as a Red.

4 Responses

  1. Brian Erts

    Ortoz went deep all night and the Reds had many swinging strike thress. Miley tries to get trickey and lets Griffey swing away on 3-0 and it eventually degenerates into a K double steal small ball nightmare… taking the bats out of the hands of the middle of the order.

    Aarrrrrrghhhhhhh then 0-2 on Clemens and a seeing eye single……. it’s Clemens up there not the Babe.

  2. Chad

    Boy, Austin Kearns looked like a little leaguer tonight. Struck out four times, and looked pathetic in each at-bat.

    I’m concerned that he’s headed for another extended funk like last year. He just looks lost.

    Dunn, on the other hand, just got a broken bat double to lead off the ninth, his second broken bat hit of the evening.