Reds sweep Mets…

If I have this right it’s the first sweep at home of the Mets since 1994, perhaps the first sweep of them at all in that time.

That’s a good one for me, my grandmother was a Mets fan, and she adored Lee Mazzilli. She was a tough old NY gal, loved her Mets and booed Dave Kingman… “booooooooo” she’d hiss as she dragged on her Eve cigarette, “what a stiff” she’d say. She was right too.

Anyway I have many Mets memories over the years and for some reason the one of Lee Mazzilli in his pinstripes in the late 70’s when they had BP Carts with baseball hats on top always pops in my head when I hear “New York Mets” Then I think of what one can get for Steve Henderson…. but that’s another story.

So what does a sweep give the Reds other than 3 wins?


I won’t bother with the individuals, there were some good and bad and normal and exceptional and scary and sad performances out there.

As a team this is some of the stuff that we can get out of the 3 wins.

The Mets threw 443 pitches and 59.8% of them were strikes, the Reds had 31 strikeouts and 13 walks.

The Glavine game saw the Mets have only 54% of their pitches called strikes.

Another fun fact to toss in the strikeouts are bad fire is this log, the Reds struck as much on opening day as the Mets did the the whole series.

The Reds threw 407 pitches and 64.3% of them were strikes, however the Mets only had 16 K’s and 9 walks during all three games.

When the ball was hit and it didn’t create a hit this is how the outs were recorded


Reds Mets

15-8 4-4

7-13 9-8

9-10 9-7

Miltons MO as a FB pitcher is evident and Wilson and crew did an efficient job keeping the ball on the ground on Opening Day.

With Milton going Sunday it will be interesting to see if he can keep the ball in the park, the Reds record for HR’s given up is a Tom Browning held record and stands at 36. Sitting behind him is Sammy Ellis at 35 in 1966.

Looking forward to some more surprises in Houston this weekend.

I’m in need of coining a Reds phrase… something like

“Cincinnati Reds, No longer living in the van down by the river.”

Hope the air stays in the tires…..