Want to understand why I hate the local media so much?

Go to the front page of the Enquirer, then hit the download for the actual front page.

Look at the section under “By the numbers”…All positive…until 7 Adam Dunn strikeouts.

And yet the media’s favorite player, Sean Casey is shown in living color tossing the ball back to the starting pitcher.

Boy, that’s an action shot.

In connection with this, I’m going to post something I wrote on the Reds Listserv yesterday:

>He could do this for the next 3 years, and some on this list would still be
>waiting on him to fail; so that they could say “I told you so.”

There is something to this…I admit it, I find myself so aggravated
by the media and front office touting some players (Randa, Casey,
Aurilia) for no apparent reason that I find myself rooting for the
Reds, but against these guys.

I do want them to realize that their thinking is flawed and “old school”
and it’s hurting the team and the only way that MIGHT happen is if
these guys fall on their faces

Is it possible to root for the team and against certain players? Anyone else have this problem?

One Response

  1. Jim V

    I feel you. I’m a southwestern Ohio native who’s been at collge in Boston for the past four years, and it’s given me some perspective on Reds baseball. Namely, that the Reds front office, ownership, and local media are amoung the most backwards in all of baseball. They just don’t understand what makes players valuable and focus too much on past glory, instead of future upside. They are also unwilling to take risks, which is ridiculous considering that making the postseason with this team was out of the question before the season even began.

    The Red Sox take risks with affordable players the Reds would never touch like Wade Miller, Bill Mueller, Mark Bellhorn, or David Ortiz, who was signed long-term BEFORE his breakout season, thus saving the Sox tons of money.

    The cynical Boston Globe’s front page after losing the 1st game of the season read “The Party’s Over” and went on to pick apart every real or imagined weakness of this year’s team. No matter how bad the Reds are, the local media refuses to level the criticism they deserve.

    The Red Sox front office is the youngest and most progressive except for maybe Oakland. They throw convention to the wind, take calculated risks, and sign players based on they’re projeced future and actual value, not their past or reputation. They also realize the most important factors in scoring run, getting on base, and hitting for power, nothing else is nearly as important as those. The Reds like players who are ‘scrappy’ and are ‘gamers’ or have a good ‘clubhouse presence’. That stuff is nice, but it doesn’t win you ball games.

    And I don’t buy this “small-market” disadvantage Bud Selig pity party crap either. Cincinnati wasn’t a “small market” in the 70s, or late 80s-early 90s. And countless teams spend less than the Reds and win so much more (2002 Angels, 2003 Marlins, 2000-present Oakland A’s). Why don’t the Bengal’s complain about Cincinnati being a “small-market” anymore? Could it be that since they began winning again, people started coming to the games and buying merchandise?

    /End vent

    Sorry, just needed to get that out after some many years of floundering in the basement of the NL Central. I criticize the Reds because they are my favorite team in the world, and it hurts so much to read the dillusional local papers, and watch the team flounder and make excuses, when I know they can do better.