What do you think? Are we ready for another sweep?

Reds vs. Astros, 8:05 tonight. Ortiz vs. Clemens.

Ramon Ortiz is an interesting case. He’s never really demonstrated a ton of ability, and he strikes me as a league average pitcher. Now, there’s some value in that, so I don’t want to put him down (I’d much rather have a league average pitcher than a Jimmy Haynes, for example).

How he performs could be a bellwether for what we can expect from the rotation this year.

Having seen a couple of interviews with Ortiz, I can say this: if he spoke english a little better, Ortiz would be a huge fan favorite in Cincinnati. He has a great sense of humor, and just enjoys playing baseball. Plus, he cuts hair in the clubhouse; how many other players do that?

Anyway, I’m anxious to see how Ortiz pitches tonight.

Finally, I want to offer a hearty Redleg Nation welcome to Brian, our newest contributor. Brian is a legend over at Redszone, and I’m glad he agreed to offer his thoughts here. We’re growing by the day, and I hope this will become a great place to come hang out and discuss the Reds. So keep reading, and more importantly, keep commenting.

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  1. Jim V

    Why not? The Astros aren’t nearly as good as the Mets this season, and we’re on a roll… Bring out the brooms!

    I gotta say this has been a dramatic and exciting week for the Reds. Although I doubt it, I hope the rest of the season is this great.