What do you think? Are we ready for another sweep?

Reds vs. Astros, 8:05 tonight. Ortiz vs. Clemens.

Ramon Ortiz is an interesting case. He’s never really demonstrated a ton of ability, and he strikes me as a league average pitcher. Now, there’s some value in that, so I don’t want to put him down (I’d much rather have a league average pitcher than a Jimmy Haynes, for example).

How he performs could be a bellwether for what we can expect from the rotation this year.

Having seen a couple of interviews with Ortiz, I can say this: if he spoke english a little better, Ortiz would be a huge fan favorite in Cincinnati. He has a great sense of humor, and just enjoys playing baseball. Plus, he cuts hair in the clubhouse; how many other players do that?

Anyway, I’m anxious to see how Ortiz pitches tonight.

Finally, I want to offer a hearty Redleg Nation welcome to Brian, our newest contributor. Brian is a legend over at Redszone, and I’m glad he agreed to offer his thoughts here. We’re growing by the day, and I hope this will become a great place to come hang out and discuss the Reds. So keep reading, and more importantly, keep commenting.

3 Responses

  1. Bill

    I heard yesterday (Lance McAllister) that the Reds are bringing Milton back on Sunday, rather than using Claussen.

    If true, that says they don’t have much confidence in Claussen, which says something about the rotation also.

  2. Jim V

    Why not? The Astros aren’t nearly as good as the Mets this season, and we’re on a roll… Bring out the brooms!

    I gotta say this has been a dramatic and exciting week for the Reds. Although I doubt it, I hope the rest of the season is this great.

  3. Greg

    Always ready for a sweep! The Reds took 4 against the Astros last year. But, let’s just get past Clemens first. Milton over Claussen is an interesting twist…why are they saving Claussen until April 18? I guess that’s why Milton didn’t throw very many pitches on Wednesday.