Baseball America now has all the Reds Minor League Teams opening day rosters located in a single location and they include some updated information as to players beginning the year on the DL. I’ve included the updated information below and updated some of the lineup information below based on some of the early box scores. Also added Players to Watch and Notes sections for each of the teams.

The Louisville Courier Journal provides us with the AAA Louisville Bats opening day roster and an article that discusses their starting rotation to open the season. The Bats Web site also has a roster that indicates players who are on the DL. Below is my guess at thier starting lineup and pitching staff setup:

C Sardinha
1B Zapp
2B Bergolla
SS L. Lopez
3B Encarnacion
LF Smitherman
CF Kelly
RF Stratton

C Lomasney
IF Holbert, Pelaez
OF Romano, Swann

SP Fernandez, Acevedo, Robertson, Kelly, Ramirez
RP Coffey, Stone, Childress, Shackelford, Keisler, Booker, Shearn

DL: P Rose, P Mounce

Players to Watch:

Acevedo – Was surprised he was put into the rotation, likely to pitch well and be back in majors soon.
Kelly – Pitched well at AA last year, is a control guy, average stuff. May peak at this level.
Ramirez – Was surprised he started here, I expected him at AA. Good control/average stuff guy.
Coffey – Hopefully he will dominate and join Wagner at the top of the Reds bullpen soon so Graves can be dealt at trade deadline.
Childress – Did well in Arizona and AA last year, another guy who could peak here.
Bergolla – He’s young and only 20 BB/yr. from being our next leadoff hitter.
Encarnacion – Next years 3B, look for him to be solid here.


Let’s hope that the AAAA fillers, Romano, Swann, Palaez, Holbert, Fernandez, and Shearn don’t block the advancement of any real prospects as the season progresses. I’d expect that Robertson, Acevedo, Coffey, Stone, Lopez, and Stratton would be the short list of players you might see called up to fill in at the big league level later this season. Look for Smitherman, who’s too old to be a prospect any more, to bounce back nicely this season.

The AA Chattanooga Lookouts 2005 opening day roster is found on their website. Below is my best guess at their lineup and pitching staff:

C Peterson
1B Gutierrez
2B Howard
SS Bannon
3B Perez
LF Fernandez
CF Asadorian
RF Denorfia

C Hanigan
IF Anderson, Patchett, Colina, Renick
OF Hopper

SP Gardner, Pauly, Kozlowski, Nelson, Bruksch
RP Barreto, Schmidt, Salmon, Caraccioli, Valdez, Saladin, Cherry

DL P Andrew

Players to Watch:

Gardner – Top pitching prospect, will spend at least half the season here.
Pauly – Next best pitching prospect, will also be here for at least half the season.
Kozlowski – Coming off injury, he could be a steal if he rebounds.
Nelson – This is the year he makes it or breaks it. Needs to rebound big time.
Gutierrez – Was surprised he wasn’t in AAA over the likes of a Swann or Palaez. Nice bat, organization type guy though, not a real prospect.
Howard – Solid stick, good eye, still not considered a prospect. One of my personal favorites, looks like a gritty, no tools, hard nosed type. Reminds of a Jeff Treadway with a better eye.
Bannon -Another organization guy who had a decent year last year year at AA who I’d have liked to seen bumped to AAA over one of the AAAA guys. Could be a serviceable utility type guy down the line.
Denorfia – A little old for a prospect, but tore up A+ last year, held his own at AA the second half of season. Will be interesting to see how he handles AA this year.


I love the prospect full starting rotation. Will be interesting to see how rehabbing pitching prospects like Basham, Howington, Hall, Mattox etc….. might work into this mix later this year. Look for Tony Blanco to join this team a little later and start at 3B. Hopefully Gutierrez will get his promotion when Votto is promoted.

The Southwest Florida Herald Tribune lists the A+ Sarasota Reds opening day lineup. Below is my best guess at how their roster will look.

C Perez
1B Votto
2B Bolivar
SS Tiburcio
3B Schramek
LF Olmstead
CF Dickerson
RF Ruiz

C Urgelles
IF Hudson, Mejia, Chapman
OF Moran, Piepkorn

SP Dumatrait, Basham, Hall, Pelland, Medlock, Till, Edens, Lohse
RP Guevara, Oneal, Shafer, Powers

DL 1B Vavao, 3B Conley, P Mattox, P McWilliams, P Paduch

Players to Watch:

Dumatrait, Basham, Hall, Mattox – Injured pitching prospects coming back, cross your fingers.
Pelland – Great at R Billings last year, bombed in A Dayton. Could be an aggressive assignment.
Medlock – Was very solid a Dayton last year.
Perez – Will he ever hit? Sardinha all over again.
Votto – Look for him to be promoted quickly if he continues hitting like he can.
Dickerson – Toolsy guy who hit well at Dayton last year.
Ruiz – Not sure why he didn’t get a bump to AA after hitting .280+ with a good eye for a year and half now at A+, especially when the AA outfield is so weak after Denorfia.


Looks like Sarasota is going to be the Reds pitching rehab center. This is probably make or break year for Schramek who has a great eye and some pop. I hear Moran is real fast. What is Chapman doing here, I like him but he should be AA, maybe even AAA, I imagine they are still sorting the rosters out.

The Dayton Dragon website has their opening day roster as does the Dayton Daily News. A best guess of thier lineup follows.

C Tatum
1B Gutierrez
2B Lawhorn
SS Janish
3B Hernandez
LF Gentry
CF Szymanski
RF Lewis

C Kroski
IF Sandoval, Mosby
OF Anderson

SP Bailey, Valiquette, Gonzalez, Ramirez, Morrison, George, Scott, Vasquez
RP Ursin, Morenko, Bohorquez, Sanders, Hendley

DL C John Purdom

Players to Watch:

Bailey, Valiquette, Gruler, Gonzalez – Gruler should be here shortly. Cross your fingers they all stay healthy and pitch as advertised.
Janish – Supposedly can pick it big time at SS, showed an exceptional batting eye at Billings last year. If he can keep his average at .250+ throughout the minors, he could be a sleeper for us at SS.
Szymanski – Tools guy with pop, we’ll see this year if he’s going to be interesting or not.
Lewis – He’s real fast…. but get this, he knows what a BB is. Missed all last year with a leg injury of some sort if I remember correctly, but drew 29 BB with 194 AB’s and 37 SB in the GCL the year before. Keep an eye on his BA and BB’s, he could be interesting.


This team will be much improved this year and will have several prospects to follow. Bailey and Gruler’s progress will be the most interesting aspect of the team for me.


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  1. Chad

    Great post, Tom.

    I wonder how long it will be before Votto is advanced to AA. They’re being awfully cautious with him.