I readily admit that I’m an Adam Dunn fan, thus probably a little sensitive to slights to my favorite player…BUT

In this AM’s “special” section on Reds Opening Day in the local rag there are articles on the game, 2 on Joe Randa, one on how the “new guys did” (they stank (Mercker, Weathers, and Aurilia), other than Randa), Steve Stewart (Reds boring radio announcer), Miley, Aurilia, Wilson, Jr, the Reds notebook, a page on the Mets, the Findlay Market parade, and the fans.

Anyone see an obvious name missing there? How about the 25 year old guy that hit 46 homers last year? The one that hit 2 homers yesterday and drove in 5 of the 7 runs?

Nope, not even a blurb about him in the Reds notes. The only mention of him was by Joe Randa in interviews.

Pathetic reporting, IMO.