The Cincinnati Enquirer has this in-depth preview of the 2005 version of the Cincinnati Reds. There are lots of interesting articles, including this one on the shortstop battle. After a brief recitation of the Reds tradition at SS, we have to endure this dreck (Note: I don’t blame John Fay for this; I blame the Reds, who made the ridiculous decision that Fay is forced to write about):

For the immediate future, the team has turned to Rich Aurilia, who is under a one-year contract.

Aurilia didn’t initially figure into the Reds’ plans after they parted ways with Larkin. Felipe Lopez and Anderson Machado, both 24, were expected to compete for the shortstop job in spring training.

That changed when Machado injured his knee playing in the Venezuelan Winter League.

So the Reds hooked up with Aurilia, who is a 33-year-old veteran and former All-Star.

Aurilia said he understood the situation when he signed with Cincinnati.

“I knew there would be a possibility that I’d be replacing Barry Larkin,” he said. “That’s like replacing Tony Gwynn in San Diego, or Cal Ripken in Baltimore. That’s not easy to do.”

Aurilia said he hopes fans accept him on his own merits.

Aurilia had better hope that we don’t accept him on his own merits, since he can’t play very well anymore. Anyway, the only mention of Felipe Lopez, who deserves the SS job, is some more nonsense about his inconsistency. Forget about the fact that Lopez is likely a much better player than Aurilia. What matters to Dan O’Brien is that Aurilia is a grizzled veteran.

Oh well. There are plenty more good articles in the preview, so go check it out.

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  1. JimV

    It hurts to see the Reds do this. They’ll never get out the basement when they make decisions like this. How can they possibly justify starting Aurillia over Lopez?