In many ways, the Oakland Athletics are an enlightened organization. Never more have I believed that than when I read this, by Blez over at Athletics Nation.

The A’s have granted press credentials to a blogger, and Blez took advantage by going to Spring Training and interviewing players, announcers, front office personnel…and just having a grand time.

I think it’s high time that the Reds do the same thing. If they want to offer Redleg Nation a press credential, I can be reached at RedlegNation AT verizon DOT net. I’ll be there for Opening Day, so I could put it to use, getting interviews and pictures for our Redleg Nation faithful.

I’m waiting….

One Response

  1. Chad

    I know. I won’t waste my time applying.

    But the reason I said it that way was that Blez at AN didn’t apply; Billy Beane ensured that he got a press pass.

    Things are very different in Reds land.