The Enquirer and the Post each have an article on yesterday’s roster cuts:

More so than any other day this spring, there were some nervous stomachs among players in the Reds’ clubhouse Wednesday morning.

“It was a tough day to come to the ballpark,” said Jacob Cruz, who is gunning for the final spot on the Reds’ bench. “I was telling my wife on the way here, you feel like a turkey the week before Thanksgiving – you don’t know which way to look.”

For another few days at least, Cruz is safe.

Although we’ve already speculated as to what the final roster will look like, here’s a peek into Dan O’Brien’s mind:

“The 25th man is going to come down to, very simply stated, the decision of the staff on what skill set they want for that spot to complement the roster,” said O’Brien. “That’s really going to be dependent on how Dave (Miley) intends to use the lineup early on, what individual might have the best opportunity to help us out.”

There’s no chance it will be Luis Lopez, in my opinion.