As I prepare to head back to Cincinnati for Opening Day next week, I can’t help but recall my first Opening Day — 1993.

Jose Rijo pitched a whale of a ballgame (8 IP, no runs, no walks, 5 Ks), and Chris Sabo hit a homer. Reds won 2-1. And it snowed much of the day.

What I probably remember most, however, is the mammoth shot that Larry Walker hit off Rob Dibble in the ninth inning. Good times….

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  1. Brian B.

    I don’t get the sac fly comments either. Nobody even noticed until at least August, nobody paid attention until the final week of September, and nobody cared until December. It’s a garbage statistic for someone like Adam Dunn, and no one inside the baseball circle cares unless the Reds need to take Adam to arbitration.

  2. Brian B.

    I don’t know how my comment got posted under “My First Opening Day.”