has a regular “Reds mailbag” feature in which the beat writer for the team (Anthony Castrovince) answers questions. Here’s today’s mailbag column, with gems like this:

My question is, will the Cincinnati Reds do good this year? And will they win all their games? — Kristopher A., Milford, Ohio

I don’t know if they’ll be able to win all of their games, Kristopher. That Aug. 12 matchup with the Brewers looks to be a tough one.


Someone better tell John Fay about this:

But general manager Dan O’Brien told me the two are by no means competing for the second base job, even though Freel has made a couple starts at the position during the past week. Jimenez signed a $2.87 million deal in the offseason, and he’s not being paid that kind of cash to be a backup.

So much for Fay’s 2B competition idea.

Finally, here’s the kind of enlightened thinking that is going to have Felipe Lopez sitting squarely on his behind next Monday:

Lopez is an attractive candidate who is playing with a confidence that belies his age. But I think the Reds would be hard-pressed to hand over the reigns to a young guy like Lopez when an experienced vet like Aurilia is on hand. We should know the team’s decision any day now.

I think we already know the team’s decision; it just hasn’t been made official yet.

Gotta love those “experienced vets.” Forget about talent, give me some guy that’s been around a while. Has anyone signed Fred McGriff yet? He’s experienced; he’s also a vet. Sign McGriff now!

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  1. JimV

    ‘Experienced vet’ is a nice way of saying ‘has-been.’ Why give the job to a guy with no future when you’ve got Lopez who’s all upside? Larkin and Concepcion weren’t ‘experienced vets’, but the Reds were an intelligent organization back then. Today they’re all about ‘chemisty’, ‘proven veterans’, ‘pitching to contact’, and winning 75 games. I’m not saying Lopez is the same calibur player that Larkin or Concepcion were, but he’s without a doubt the Reds best option. Give the job to Lopez!