The Cincinnati Enquirer’s John Fay has a blurb on the Reds Opening Day shortstop.

Rich Aurilia has been starting pretty much every game at shortstop.

But Reds manager Dave Miley isn’t ready to officially award him the starting job over Felipe Lopez.

“There’s nothing to read into it,” Miley said. “They’ve both had good springs. No matter who wins the job, the other is going to get a lot of playing time.”

Aurilia went into Thursday’s game hitting .289 with a home run and six RBI. Lopez went in at .325 with no homers and three RBI.

Fay says:

Still, it’s pretty much a foregone conclusion that Aurilia will be the Opening Day shortstop.

My question is…why?

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  1. Jim V

    For all the criticism I’ve dolled out to Larkin in recent years, how is Larkin at the league minimum any worse than this sorry group? The Reds seem to have a serious problem developing anything but outfieldes.