Todd Coffey is going to be a closer for someone some day, and he’ll make a lot of money doing it. Clubs love guys that can throw hard, and Coffey has the extra benefit that he doesn’t walk many batters:

Todd Coffey corrects you when you say he walked six batters last year.

“I walked four,” he said. “Two were intentional walks.”

Whether you want to count it as four or six, Coffey’s strikeout-to-walk ratio was off the charts.

He struck out 64 in 59 innings in stints at Double-A Chattanooga and Triple-A Louisville.

Coffey’s predilection for throwing strikes – plus some very nasty stuff – has him in the running for a spot on the Opening Day roster with a little more than a week to go before the club breaks camp.

I like this kid, but I don’t anticipate him making the Opening Day roster. Too many veterans in camp ahead of him. But don’t worry; you’ll see Coffey in a Reds uniform before the season is over.