John Fay says that Ryan Freel is putting up a good fight for the 2B job, after starting at second the last two games. Looks to me like Fay is attempting to create some competition/controversy where none exists:

“Nothing’s changed,” Reds general manager Dan O’Brien said. “Because Ryan was coming off the knee (injury), he didn’t get the at-bats early. We’re basically trying to catch him up.”

That was the explanation for why Freel started two of the last four games at second base.

But Freel has played so well – he’s hitting .400 with two doubles, a triple and a stolen base in seven games – that he could challenge Jimenez for the starting job at second base by the end of spring.

Basically, Fay is saying that it isn’t inconceivable that Freel could win the spot. I say it’s highly unlikely.