Okay, I’m starting to get very frustrated with the direction of this team under Dan O’Brien. I wasn’t thrilled when Rob Stratton was sent out, but it wasn’t something that I was going to jump off a building over. After all, Stratton isn’t the second coming of Roy Hobbs.

But then I thought, “Waitaminit. Don’t the Reds still have Jason Romano in Major League camp?”

So I looked, and it’s true. Romano, he of the career 486 OPS and a career batting average of .193, is still with the Reds Major League camp.

Folks, that’s disgusting. Then I see that Hal McCoy, of all people, has hit the nail on the head, as also noticed by Chris below, though Chris disagrees with my conclusion.

Take a look at this gem from O’Brien:

Asked if Romano was still with the team on merit, O’Brien said, “Yes. Romano has had a tender shoulder that has limited what he could do early and limited him from playing multiple positions.”

Romano has played only the outfield, but the club wants to check him at second base.

As someone put it over at Redszone, the Reds have chosen versatility over talent. And that’s a terrible choice every single time.

What is O’Brien’s fascination with Romano? Why would Jason Romano even be in major league camp, much less lasting longer than a potential masher like Stratton. Thoughts?

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  1. Chad

    I skipped right over your post below, Chris. Sorry about that.

    My problem is with O’Brien’s comment that keeping Romano over Stratton was based on “merit.” That’s just absurd.

    The fact that Romano is even getting a chance to spend the spring with the big club is a strike against O’Brien — regardless of whether he makes the club or not.