Felipe Lopez must be wondering what he has to do to earn a shot at the Reds starting shortstop job. Take a look at this wonderful article from Marc Lancaster in yesterday’s Post:

With a week and a half to go in Grapefruit League play, it’s difficult to argue with what Lopez has done. Even pulling back from the details he outlined to look at the big picture, the 24-year-old has been solid all spring. He’s hitting .343 and has stolen three bases, and perhaps most impressively has committed just one error in 13 games.

All that said, Lopez is facing the very real possibility that he won’t be starting at shortstop on April 4 against the Mets.

Everyone involved with the decision-making process is quick to point out that nothing final has been determined when it comes to the competition between Lopez and non-roster invitee Rich Aurilia, but it’s no secret that the Reds have been impressed with what the veteran has shown this spring.

That doesn’t really matter to Lopez, though. He isn’t about to give up the fight this soon.

“I want that job,” said Lopez. “It’s not like I’m coming in here like, ‘If he gets it, whatever.’ I come in here to do my job and do all in my power to win that position. I’m just not a satisfied person. I always want more, more, more. If I get three hits, tomorrow I want four — stuff like that. I guess I put a lot of pressure on myself, but I’ve always been like that.”

Can anyone give me one good reason why Rich Aurilia would be starting at shortstop on Opening Day?

I see no reason not to give Lopez a chance. Let’s see this year whether he’s the SS of the future for this organization.