John Sickels has this retrospective on the career of our very own Barry Larkin. His conclusion about Larkin’s Hall of Fame credentials:

Reese, Appling, and Schoendienst are Hall-of-Famers. Trammell, Concepcion, Fernandez, Phillips, and Dahlen were all better than some guys in the Hall. Larkin should be a slam-dunk given his longevity and across-the-board contributions.

Read the entire post, and the comments. Most seem to agree that Larkin should be a Hall of Famer.

For what it’s worth, that’s the official position of Redleg Nation, too.

(Tip of the Reds cap to Red Reporter.)

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  1. Rob

    Absolutely he should be a HOF’er. They guy represents everything the hall stands for.